Successful applications of the ModuLand method

In the following articles the authors used the ModuLand method successfully during their scientific research. If you wish to list your publication here, please contact Prof. Péter Csermely.

  • Identification of the hierarchical layers of human kinome. Cheng F, Jia P, Wang Q, Zhao Z. (2014) Quantitative network mapping of the human kinome interactome reveals new clues for rational kinase inhibitor discovery and individualized cancer therapy. Oncotarget 5, 3697-3710. Download it! PDF format
  • Determination of core-modular nodes in the interactome related to the 3M syndrome. Hanson D, Stevens A, Murray PG, Black GC, Clayton PE. (2014) Identifying biological pathways that underlie primordial short stature using network analysis. J Mol Endocrinol. 52, 333-344. Download it! PDF format
  • Determination of modular overlap changes of gene transcription networks in stress. Lehtinen S, Marsellach FX, Codlin S, Schmidt A, Clément-Ziza M, Beyer A, Bähler J, Orengo C, Pancaldi V. (2013) Stress induces remodelling of yeast interaction and co-expression networks. Mol Biosyst. 9,1697-1707 Download it! PDF format
  • Determination of Sirtuin-specific network modules. Sharma, A., Costanini, S. and Colonna, G. (2013) The protein-protein interaction network of human Sirtuin family. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1834, 1998-2009 Download it! PDF format
  • Determination of chromatin network modules revealed gene functions: Sandhu, K. S., Li, G., Poh, H. M., Quek, Y. L., K., Sia, Y. Y., Peh, S. Q., Mulawadi, F. H., Lim, J., Zhang, J., Sikic, M., Menghi, F., Thalamuthu, A., Sung, W. K., Ruan, X., Fullwood, M. J., Liu, E. Csermely, P. Ruan, J. (2012) Large scale functional organization of long-range chromatin interaction networks. Cell Reports, 2, 1207-1219 Download it! PDF format
  • Successful alignment of global interactomes from different species: Wang,B. and Gao,L. (2012) Seed selection strategy in global network alignment without destroying the entire structures of functional modules. Proteome Science, 10, S16. Download if from the publisher!
  • Functional characterization of yeast interactome modules, stress-induced decrease of their overlap: Mihalik, A. and Csermely, P. (2011) Heat shock partially dissociates the overlapping modules of the yeast protein-protein interaction network. PLoS Comput. Biol. 7, e1002187, IF: 5.5 Download it! PDF format

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