István Kovács


  • Name: István Kovács
  • Place and date of birth: Gyöngyös, 1st January 1985.
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • E-mail:


Research and teaching activity

  • 2005 - :18 referred international paper, 1 book chapter, 2 other publications
    independent citations: 246, IF: 55, h-index: 12
  • 2008-2013: Networks, PhD course and special lecture held together with Prof. Péter Csermely, joint course of ELTE, BME, SE and Corvinus University of Budapest
  • 2003-2008: Student research activities, supervised by Prof. Péter Csermely, Semmelweis University (SE)‘Structural and dynamical properties of complex networks’
  • 2009: Hungarian Research Student Conference on Informatics (data handling section): 2nd place with Máte Szalay and Robin Palotai
  • 2007: Research Student Conference of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME): 1st place, award of the president of the BME with Máte Szalay and Robin Palotai
  • 2007: Research Student Conference of the SE: 3rd place

Awards and honors

  • 2008: �Excellent student of the ELTE Faculty of Sciences� award
  • 2008: �For the ELTE Bolyai College� award
  • 2004-2008: Scholarship of the Republic of Hungary (3x)
  • 2003: �Students of Gy�ngy�s city for the Knowledge� award

Participation at international conferences and schools

  • 2013: The Beg Rohu Summer School, Disordered Systems, Saint Pierre Quiberon, France
  • 2013: New magnetic field frontiers in atomic/molecular and solid-state physics, Les Houches, France, poster
  • 2013: 38th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Trieste, Italy, poster
  • 2008/09/10/11/12/13: Day of Statistical Physics, Budapest, Hungary, talk
  • 2012: Conference on Disordered Quantum Systems, Paris, France
  • 2012: Aalto Complex Networks Factory, Porvoo, Finland
  • 2012: 37th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Tatranske Matliare, Slovakia, poster
  • 2011: 36th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Lviv, Ukraine, poster
  • 2010: Resonating Valence Bond Physics: Spin Liquids and Beyond, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2010: Festival of Hungarian Science, HAS, Budapest, talk
  • 2010: The Beg Rohu Summer School, Concepts and Methods of Statistical Mechanics, Saint Pierre Quiberon, France
  • 2010: 35th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Pont-à-Mousson, France, poster
  • 2010: Workshop on Crystallization and Melting in Two-Dimensions, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2008-2009-2010: Day of Statistical Physics, Budapest, Hungary talk
  • 2009 XII. International Summer School Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics, La Foresta, Belgium, poster
  • 2009 3rd Warsaw Summer School of Statistical Physics, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, poster
  • 2009 34th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Leipzig, Germany, poster
  • 2009 Csermely, P., Kovács I., Mihalik Á., Nánási T., Palotai R. and Szalay M. 'Fehérjehálózatok válságválaszai'. Proceedings of the Hungarian Biochemical Society, Budapest
  • 2008 International seminar and workshop on Unconventional Phases and Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Dresden, Germany
  • 2008 33rd Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Puchberg/Wels, Austria, abstract
  • 2007 2nd Proceeding of the Hungarian Association of Proteomics, Debrecen, Hungary: talk
  • 2007 International workshop on complex systems and networks, Sovata, Romania: talk
  • 2007 3rd Yamada Symposium on the Integration of Biological Systems, Hayama, Japan, poster
  • 2005 Summer School on Quantum Information Processing, Valkonya, Hungary

Research visitings

  • 2013: CEA, Saclay, France (2 days)
  • 2007-2010: Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany: in the group of Prof. Heiko Rieger (>3 months)
  • 2007: Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology, Trento, Italy: (3 days)
  • 2006: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, Republic of South Africa (1 week)

Organizing conferences

  • 2005 student organizer of the 30th FEBS Congress and 9th IUBMB Conference
  • 2004-2006 organizer of the 9-10-11th Bolyai Conference

Skills and hobbies

  • english, german, latin, C, C++, Pascal, Perl, over 5 years of experience in system administration, logical and board games, singing, hiking, table tennis, swimming, drawing, cooking


  1. R. Juhász and I. A. Kovács (2013) Infinite randomness critical behavior of the contact process on networks with long-ranged connections, J. Stat. Mech. P06003 arXiv:1302.6394
  2. I. A. Kovács and F. Iglói (2013) Boundary critical phenomena of the random transverse Ising model in D≥2 dimensions, Phys. Rev. B. 87 024204 arXiv:1211.2623
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  4. Szalay-Bekő, M., Palotai, R., Szappanos, B., Kovács, I.A., Papp, B. and Csermely, P. (2012) ModuLand plug-in for Cytoscape: extensively overlapping modules, community centrality and their use in biological networks. Bioinformatics, in press
    Download it! PDF format
    The Cytoscape plug-in program and its User Guide can be downloaded from here:
  5. I. A. Kov�cs and F. Igl�i, Universal logarithmic terms in the entanglement entropy of 2d, 3d and 4d random transverse-field Ising models
  6. I. A. Kov�cs and F. Igl�i (2011) Renormalization group study of random quantum magnets, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23 404204.
    arXiv:1109.4267 IF: 2.332*
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  18. Kovács I.A., Szalay, M.S. and Csermely, P. (2005) Water and molecular chaperones act as weak links of protein folding networks: energy landscape and punctuated equilibrium changes point towards a game theory of proteins. FEBS Letters, 579, 2254-2260. IF: 3.372 Download it! download pdf icon
    Visit it at!

Further publications

  1. I. J. Farkas, T. Korcsmáros, I.A. Kovács, Á. Mihalik, R. Palotai, G.I. Simkó, K.Z. Szalay, M. Szalay-Bekő, T. Vellai, S. Wang, P. Csermely (2011) Network-based tools for the identification of novel drug targets. Sci. Signal. 4, pt3
  2. P. Csermely, I. A. Kovács, Á. Mihalik, T. Nánási, R. Palotai, Á. Rák and M. Szalay (2009) Hogyan küzdik le a válságokat a biológiai hálózatok, és mit tanulhatunk el tőlük? Magyar Tudomány 170, 1381-1390
  3. P. Csermely, T. Korcsmáros, I. A. Kovács, M. S. Szalay and C. Sőti (2008) Systems biology of molecular chaperone networks. In: The biology of extracellular molecular chaperones. Novartis Foundation Symposium Series Vol. 291, Wiley, pp. 45-58.


István Kovács
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