Yuhao Wan


  • E-mail: wany[at]


  • June 2018: Carleton College
    Majors: Mathematics & Philosophy GPA: 3.61
  • December 2017: Budapest Semester in Mathematics
  • December 2013: Raffles Institution (Singapore)
    Highest Honor SAT: 2380/2400


  • Mathematics: Stochastic Processes (Abstract Algebra), Advanced Linear Algebra (Advanced Graph Theory), Real Analysis (Combinatorics)
  • CS & Statistics: Combinatorial Optimization (Algorithm Design), Data Structures (Applied Regression), Theory of Computing (Data Science)

Research experience

  • Fall 2017
    Graph Factorization With Tree Degree Sequences
    Budapest Semester in Mathematics, Hungary (with Professor Istvan Miklos)
    Designs constructive algorithms to solve graph factorization problems with tree degree sequences. Obtains the necessary & sufficient conditions for three tree degree sequences to have edge-disjoint tree realizations.
  • Summer 2015
    3D Printing in Bose-Einstein Condensate Experiments
    Physics Department, Carleton College
    Designed novel 3D printing tools for high precision laser cooling experiments with Professor Eric Hazlett. Derived, tuned, and optimized parameters for Magneto Optical Trap settings.


  • January 2017 : Why are the waiting lines so long at airports? The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)
    · Won Meritorious Winner award (top 5% out of 5000 worldwide participates) in ICM 2017.
    · Designed an adaptive queueing network that incorporates self-interested agents into a stochastic model.
    · Identified the bottlenecks via discrete-event simulation and proposed policy that shortens average queueing time.
  • November 2016 : What drives the lake quality variation in Minnesota? Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC)
    · Won Overall Championship in MUDAC 2016. Awarded prize of $2,600.
    · Wrangled 80 GB data sets and architected a multilevel hierarchical models to identify critical regions.
    · Proposed a “critical-percentage” policy for Minnesota zoning law which drastically increases the average lake quality.

Working paper

  • 2016 - 2017: The Point of Space and its Representation: Philosophy Department, Carleton College
    · Developed a novel explanation for the a priori representation of space.
    · Constructed a coherent interpretation of Kant’s seemingly inconsistent claims made in Critique of Pure Reason.


  • Championship, International RoboCup (Robotics) Junior Competition
  • Petra Crosby International Scholarship, Carleton College
  • Silver Medal, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
  • SM1 Scholarship, Singapore Ministry of Education
Yuhao Wan
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