Marcell Winkler



  • Current: BME VIK Biomedical Engineering Msc
    Qualification: I have a bachelor’s degree from chemical energy engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Here we mainly focused on heat and mass transfer, distillation processes, hydrodinamics, manufacturing process design and control. We also had numerous electric and nuclear phisycs lectures. In my thesis I designed a bioethanol distillation system.
  • High school: Toldy Ferenc Gimnázium

Work experience

  • 2016 - 2017: EnergoArt Kft – Auto CAD drawings
  • 2016 - 2018: ITB Tömítéstechnikai és Ipari Szerelvények Kft – sizing of pneumatic control valves


  • Foreign languages:
    english B2 language exam
    german B2 language exam
    russian beginner
  • Computer skills:
    Microsoft Word-user level
    Excel – expert
    PowerPoint – user level
    AutoCAD – expert
    AutoCAD 3D – beginner
    ChemCAD - expert
  • Programming skills:
    MATLAB – in the last semester we had a lecture where we studied MATLAB and Simulink + I made at about 100 pages of an excercise book about the program. I know the basic sintactics and loops but i never had an idependent serious programming task. In the first two semesters of the Bsc we studied C# but that was the last time I used that language.
    LabView – at this semester I started a course with this program, if I manage to get an A I will have a chance to do a Certified Labview Associate Developer exam so during the semester I will evolve constantly and will be experienced untill the end of the half year.
  • Lab skills:
    Only for engineering tasks
Marcell Winkler
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