Qirong Li


  • E-mail: [at]


  • June 2020: Dartmouth College Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics


  • Spring 2018
    Plane Symmetry Recognition Through Convolutional Neural Network
    Mathematics Department, Sophomore Scholars, Dartmouth College

    - Designed algorithm to generate random symmetry patterns and applied Fourier transformation on symmetry

    - Implemented and trained Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) using Mathematica to identify plane symmetry

    - Accomplished 98.6% accuracy for six different patterns using training data of size 18,000

  • Fall 2017
    Unfolding Polyhedra
    Mathematics Department, Dartmouth College

    - Analyzed whether certain types of polyhedra could be unfolded, with or without cuts, and the relationship between the identity of a polyhedron and the piece into which it is unfolded

    - Applied star unfolding on convex polyhedra

    - Made original proofs for the edge-unfolding property of domes and prismoids

  • Winter 2016 and Spring 2017
    Geological and Mathematical Insights on Earth System Climate Sensitivity
    Earth Sciences Department, WISP, Dartmouth College

    - Translated GEOCARBSULF model into Matlab and applied variance reduction on proxy data of past 500 million years

    - Made original alternations and visualized CO2 variance of different percentiles and calculated optimal climate sensitivity

    - Compared influence and assess geological reasoning of different levels of plant-assisted chemical weathering factors (ACT, FERT, LIFE, and GYM) on CO2 rate

    - Presented in 2017 Wetterhahn Science Symposium


  • Languages: Proficient in Python, C, Java, and Matlab. Familiar with Mathematica, Linux, HTML, and C++
  • Tools: Git and Github, Firebase, Android Studio, Excel (with VBA)
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