Research Focus

  • Integration of genomic and functional genomics data to formulate biological hypotheses for human disease-related processes.
  • Understanding complex human diseases through structure, dynamics and function of disease-related networks.


  • 2010.9 – present     Ph. D. student in Jing-Dong Jackie Han Lab, PICB, CAS.
  • 2008.9 – 2010.9       Ph. D. student in Jing-Dong Jackie Han Lab, IGDB, CAS.
  • 2005.9 - 2008.6        B.S. Beijing Forestry University, major in Biotechnology.
  • 2004.9 - 2005.9        B.S. Beijing Forestry University, major in Automation.


  • Language: Python, C++/ Java, R/Matlab, SQL and HTML;
  • Database: ORACLE, MYSQL, Postgresql
  • Bioinformatics: Analysis with Microarray/cDNA array, Chip-Seq, RNA-Seq, Methyl-seq, or other deep sequencing data; Bayesian network analysis; data mining/text mining


  • Basketball, Ping Pong, Reading, Swimming


  1. Yi Liu^, Dali Han^, Yixing Han^, Zheng Yan, Bin Xie, Jing Li, Nan Qiao, Haiyang Hu, Philipp Khaitovich, Yuan Gao and Jing-Dong J. Han*. Ab initio identification of transcription start sites in the Rhesus macaque genome by histone modification and RNA-Seq. Nucleic Acids Research, 2010.
  2. Hong Yu^, Jialiang Huang^, Nan Qiao, Christopher D Green and Jing-Dong J Han*. Evaluating diabetes and hypertension disease causality using mouse phenotypes. BMC Systems Biology, July, 2010.
  3. Zhigang Li^, Wei Zhang^, Minyuan Wu, Shanshan Zhu, Chao Gao, Lin Sun, Ruidong Zhang, Nan Qiao, Huiling Xue, Yamei Hu, Shilai Bao*, Huyong Zheng*, and Jing-Dong J. Han*. Expression-based classification and regulatory networks of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood, November 2009.
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