Nina Kunsic



  • 01/09/2015–07/07/2017: Master degree
    KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Daejeon (South Korea (Republic of Korea))
  • 01/09/2014–25/08/2015: Korean language school
    Pai Chai University, Daejeon (South Korea (Republic of Korea))
  • 09/2008–08/2014: Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
    University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 09/2004–08/2008: High school graduate
    Škofijska klasična gimnazija, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Professional Experience

  • 19/12/2013–31/05/2014: Tester, programmer
    Iskra Sistemi d.o.o., Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 24/08/2012–15/12/2013: Data entry operator (student work)
    ONE d.o.o., Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 05/2011–05/2013: Demonstrator (student work, intermittent)
    The Technical museum of Slovenia, Bistra (Slovenia)

Language Skills

  • English (C2)
  • Spanish (B2-B1)
  • Korean (B1-B2)

Personal Skills

  • Communication skills: Friendly manner, reporting information and providing feedback, speaking effectively, technical communication
  • Organisational / managerial skills: Decision making ability, ability to work as part of a team, ability to promote change, ability to develop ideas
  • Job-related skills: Comprehensive understanding of engineering, focused Problem solving, critical thinking, ability to develop ideas
  • Digital competence: Mathematical modelling, biological data procession and analysis (microarray data processing, differential gene expression analysis, network inferece and analysis), in-depth knowledge of MS Office applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel), programing (R, Matlab, basic knowledge of C++)
Nina Kunsic
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