Miklós Antal


  • Place and date of birth: Pécs, 08th July, 1983.
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Marital status: single
  • E-mail: antalmi [at]


  • 2007: PhD student, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Department of Environmental Economics
  • 2007: MSc. Degree (excellent), Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering-physicist, Specialization on the Department of Nuclear Techniques
  • 2002: Graduation (excellent), Babits Mihály Grammar School, Pécs

Prizes and awards:

  • 2005: Commendation of the Faculty of Natural Sciences for scientific research.
  • 2002: 1. Place at the Physics competition of KöMaL and Metropolis prize from the Loránd Eötvös Physical Society for the secondary school achievements in Physics.
  • 1998-2002: Several top 10 places at national secondary school competitions in Mathematics and Physics.

Language skills

  • English: advanced
  • German: intermediate

Areas of interest


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Miklós Antal
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