Gergely Bunth


  • Name: Gergely Bunth
  • Place and date of birth: Budapest, 1994.03.05.
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • E-mail: gbunthy [at]


  • 2012- Budapest University of Technology and Economics, theoritical physicist
  • 2012: High school final exam (A+ with distinction in history, literature, physics, mathematics; mathematics specialization) Fazekas Mihály Secondary School
  • 2006-2012: Fazekas Mihály Secondary School, Budapest

Computer Skills

  • Programming languages:
    • Fine knowledge: C, C++, pascal, Matlab
    • Basics: python, bash
  • Computers:
    • Operating systems: Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux
    • Software programs: Matlab, Maple, OriginPro, Wolfram Mathematica, several applications written by me, Microsoft Office, LaTeX


  • Hungarian (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (conversant)

Areas of interest

  • Interests, Pastimes, Leisure Activities, Hobbies, a short summary of my activities outside my field
    I am interested in sciences other than mathematics and physics as well. I am into history and literature, and I read much (books as well as newspaper). I have written several poems and had them published in the periodical of the faculty. I am the editor-in-chief and a regular author of it. I am studying philosophy in my spare time. Before graduating I advanced into the final round of national high school competition of philosophy along with mathematics and physics. I only know one other person from my year, who could advanced into the final round in three fields at least. I am a member of Eugene Wigner College for Advanced Studies since 2012, where we give courses to each other, and invite professors, and researchers to present their work for inspiration. In the newspapers I publish my poems and have articles about books, cultural events, and public life. I am into contract bridge, and participated in several contests. Having exploited my philosophical knowledge with my intellectual master Dr. László Surányi (who earned the Inspirational Teacher’s Award of Massachusetts Institution of Tehcnology) and his group we are exploring the work of Béla Tábor and Lajos Szabó, two great philosophers and artists of our culture. I regularly play tennis, and doing health-care gymnastics and jogging. I care as much about my body as about my spirit. I also care about my environment, that is why I studied energetics in my spare time, and participated in two public debates on nuclear, and renewable powers. I love teaching children, I have been tutoring children for 5 years by now, with great success.


Gergely Bunth
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