Fred Hoffman


  • Name: Fred Hoffman
  • E-mail: fred.hoffman [at]


  • 011-2015 University of Oxford, Dphil Systems Approaches to Biomedicine
    network analysis of integrated interactome; data mining and machine learning for integrated interaction data.
  • 2010 University of Oxford, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance
    Stochastic Calculus, SDEs, PDEs, Finite Difference Methods, Monte Carlo Methods, Fixed Income Modelling, Derivatives modelling (inc. Credit, Energy) , C++ programming, Stochastic Control and Dynamic Asset Allocation, Risk Management, Non-linear Time Series and Forcasting, 
  • 2010 LSE, Financial Markets, Summer School Course
    Optimal portfolio selection,  asset pricing,  behavioural finance,  market microstructure,  bond portfolio analysis,  empirical evidence on returns to fundamental and technical analysis.
  • 2010 LSE, Analysis and Management of Financial Risk, Summer School Course 
    Options and dynamic hedging,  bonds,  interest rate derivatives and MBS,  endogenous risk,  Value at Risk,  limits to arbitrage,  credit risk,  credit derivatives,  regulation and credit crunch.
  • 2007/10 University of Nottingham, BSc Mathematics
    Specialised in probability and statistics, e.g. stochastic modelling,  mathematical finance,  statistical inference,  linear and generalized linear models. Additional pathways were taken in numerical methods for matrices and differential equations and in dynamical systems with modules in non-linear dynamical systems, mathematical medicine and biology. I also undertook investigative (as opposed to review based) research into random epidemic models on graphs with a leading researcher in the field, that demanded considerable Matlab programming and computer simulation.


  • 009 ESPRC Mathematical summer research bursary (10 weeks)
    Developed an SDE model based on my supervisor’s deterministic ODE model for a negative feedback loop involving a key growth hormone (auxin) in a biological cell and investigated behaviours of experimental interest.  Gained experience of advanced mathematics in stochastic modelling such as markov-chain monte-carlo simulation and spectral analysis of time-series and  intensive Matlab programming and simulation.  Achieved the stated objective of simulating the behaviour of interest based on modelling assumptions and wrote up research in form of report.

Software proficiencies

  • C++, C, Cytoscape, R, Matlab, Perl


  • Prof. Jorma Louko, Theoretical Physics, University of Nottingham
    jorma.louko [at]
  • Prof. Frank Ball, Statistics, University of Nottingham
    frank.ball [at]


  • Extra curricula interests include, molecular and systems biology generally. I am also a keen amateur naturalist  and enjoy walking, science, history, running, cycling and rowing.
Fred Hoffman
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