Forest Tong



  • May 2016: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, GPA: 4.9/5.0
    • Relevant Coursework: Algorithms, Machine Learning, Theory of Computation, Software Construction, Mobile Software Development, Networks, Cryptography, Graphics, Semantic and Declarative Technologies


  • June - August 2015: Software Engineering Intern, Google, San Bruno, CA
    • Working on Google’s Youtube Music team


  • June - July 2014: Research Intern, Laboratoire de l'Institut Gaspard Monge, Paris, France
    • Collaborated with Professor Xavier Goaoc to investigate simplification of inclusion-exclusion formulas and fast algorithmic implementations
    • Found and proved generalization of classic result (Naiman and Wynn 1992) to convex shapes in the plane
  • June - August 2013: Undergraduate Researcher, MIT, Cambridge, MA
    • Worked with Professor Henry Cohn to analyze perfect matchings of graphs
    • Formulated and proved new theorem concerning perfect matchings of a particular class of graphs
    • Authored Divisibility of the number of perfect matchings of compound graphs (in review)


  • March 2015: Tabi
    • Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to save tabs and visualize them as a network
    • Developed at HackTheBurgh in a team of four, using the Google Chrome API and d3 library


  • Programming Technologies: Java, Python, C++, Swift, Javascript, d3, MATLAB, LaTeX

Awards & Activities

  • April 2012: USA Math Olympiad
    • Ranked 13th in the nation, receiving Honorable Mention
  • September 2013 - present: Co-founder of the MIT Musical Improvisation Ensemble
    • Co-founded an ensemble of musicians whose aim is to practice and perform musical improvisation,
Forest Tong
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