Serguei Saavedra



  • 2005-2009 PhD in Engineering Science. Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University, UK.
  • 2004-2005 Visiting student. Mathematical modeling and simulation. University of Genoa, Italy.
  • 2003-2004 Specialization in Advanced Manufacturing Systems. School of Engineering, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City.
  • 1999-2003 Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. School of Engineering, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City

Professional experience

  • 2011-2012 Research Assistant Professor. Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems and Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, USA
  • 2009-2011 Postdoctoral fellow. Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems and Kellogg School of Management. Northwestern University, USA.


I am mainly interested in understanding the factors shaping the persistence and evolution of ecological networks. I use simulations and data-analytical methods to model and characterize the structural and dynamical patterns emerging from the cooperative and competitive interactions between species, be they animals, plants or humans.


  • Serguei Saavedra, R. Dean Malmgren, Nicholas Switanek and Brian Uzzi. Short-term exploitative competition can explain human foraging patterns. (pre-print).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Jordi Duch and Brian Uzzi. Tracking trader's understanding of the market using e-communication data. PLoS ONE 6: e26705 (2011).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Daniel B. Stouffer, Brian Uzzi and Jordi Bascompte. Strong contributors to network persistence are the most vulnerable to extinction. Nature 478: 233-235 (2011).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Kathleen Hagerty and Brian Uzzi. Synchronicity, instant messaging and performance among financial traders. PNAS 108: 5296-5301 (2011).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Brian Uzzi and Felix Reed-Tsochas. Cooperation in ecological and organizational systems. In F. Reed-Tsochas and N. Johnson (eds.) Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Sciences. London: World Scientific Publishing (in press).
  • Serguei Saavedra, David Smith and Felix Reed-Tsochas. Cooperation under indirect reciprocity and imitative trust. PLoS 5: e13475 (2010).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Scott Powers, Trent McCotter, Mason A. Porter and Peter J. Mucha. Mutually-antagonistic interactions in baseball networks. Physica A 389: 1131-1141 (2010).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Felix Reed-Tsochas and Brian Uzzi. A simple model of bipartite cooperation for ecological and organizational networks. Nature 457: 463-466 (2009).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Felix Reed-Tsochas and Brian Uzzi. Asymmetric disassembly and robustness in declining networks. PNAS 105: 16466-16471 (2008).
  • Serguei Saavedra, Janet Efstathiou and Felix Reed-Tsochas. Identifying the underlying structure and dynamic interactions in a voting network. Physica A 377: 672 (2007).
  • Serguei Saavedra and Agostino Bruzzone. A Production Optimization of a Flexible Manufacturing Cell Using Genetic Algorithms and Simulation. Proceedings of the 2005 Modeling and Applied Simulation Coference. Bergeggi, Italy. (2005)
  • Serguei Saavedra. Simulation as an Approach to Improve the Performance of a Complex Production System. Proceedings of the 2004 Harbour, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation Conference. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (2004).
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