Lisa Beatrice Caruso



  • 2010-: Biophysics PhD student at the University La Sapienza, Rome, Department of Anatomical Sciences, histological, medico-legal and locomotor. Supervisor: Prof. Alfredo Colosimo
  • 2010: Qualifying examination to practice pharmacist profession.
  • 2003-2010: Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University La Sapienza, Rome
  • ECDL (European computer driving licence)
  • 1997-2002: Senior high school (scientific education) "Liceo Scientifico Statale Ettore Majorana" – Potenza, Italy

Research activity

  • 2012- Analysis of NMR proteins’ spectral data by Network models
  • 2011- Modeling the Allosteric mechanisms in Hemoglobin by a Network approach.
  • 2008-2010 Analysis of the profile of specific cell markers involved in response to oxidative stress in thyroid cells. Master Thesis (in Italian), Department of Biochemistry, University La Sapienza Rome. Supervisor: Prof. Fabio Altieri

Ability and Skills

During my degree thesis I worked in the laboratories of the Dept. of Biochemical Sciences (Sapienza University) for the preparation of the master thesis.

In this period I gained practical experience in:

  • basic biochemical techniques for the analysis and characterization of proteins, and cellular and molecular biology skills. In particular, I acquired excellent knowledge of electrophoretic techniques (one-dimensional electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acid)
  • basic techniques for the manipulation and characterization of proteins, including their immunological features.
  • cell manipulation techniques (eukaryotic cell cultures and preparation of cellular fractions) and the main gene manipulation techniques (expression and purification of recombinant proteins).

While preparing my PhD thesis, I analysed several protein structures by Network models. I focused my attention to the mechanistic description of allosteric phenomena, taking as a reference model system the hemoglobin molecule. I also extended the analysis, by comparison, to myoglobin, a quite similar molecule which, however, is supposed to be lacking any allosteric feature.

Very recently I started using network models in order to possibly improve the classical methods of extracting information from NMR spectra.

Computer Skills 

In the last three years, along with my network modeling studies, I became quite familiar with the following specialized software tools: RING (Residue Interaction Network Generator) and Cytoscape. 

Scientific Meetings and Workshops

  • 2012 Proteine 2012- University �G.d�Annunzio� Chieti, Italy poster: Quantifying allosteric transitions in proteins by networks: a preliminary investigation on globins.
  • 2010 55thNational Meeting of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB), Milan, Italy poster: Prostate and thyroid cancer: similarities and differences  

Teaching experience 

  • 2011: Seminars and other supporting activities for the Human Physiology Courses (Sapienza University � Rome and Rieti)

Summer schools 

  • 2011: Course on Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry. Vitorchiano, Frosinone, Italy

Language skills

  • Italian (native)
  • English (intermediate level)
  • French (basic level)


I love music, particularly rock music, and I love going to concerts. I can also play piano, but only as a very light amateur. I like traveling, reading, watching movies, and I'm pretty clever in cooking (Italian style).  

Lisa Beatrice Caruso
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