Ankush Sharma


  • Name : Ankush Sharma
  • Date of birth : 28th January 1985
  • Place : Mandi (India)
  • Nationality : Indian
  • Work address : Centro Ricerche Oncologiche Mercogliano (CROM), Via Ammiraglio Bianco, Mercogliano, AV- 83013, Italy
  • Email : [email protected]; ankush.sharma [at]


  • Dec 2009 - Present
    PhD Student, Second university of Naples, Interdepartmental Research Center for Computational and Biotechnological Sciences
  • July2007- June2009
    MSc. Degree in Bioinformatics, Dept. of Bioinformatics, D.A.V College, Panjab University, India
  • July 2004 - June 2007
    Graduation in Bioinformatics, Kurukshetra University, India

Professional Skills

  • Sequence and Protein Structure Analysis., Molecular Modeling, Molecular Dynamics (GROMACS), Network Analysis
  • Programming Languages: PHP, C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Visual Basic, HTML
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux)

Lingual Proficiency:

  • Hindi (Mother tongue)
  • English (Proficient)
  • Italian (Beginner)

Areas of interest

  • Cricket, Chess
  • Travelling

Articles in conference proceedings:

  1. Sharma. A, Costantini, S., Colonna, G.,Studying the complete interactome of Sirtuins. Proceedings in Eigth BITS conference, PISA, 2011


  1. Miele,M., Sharma,A., Capone,F., Raucci,R., Guerriero,E., Colonna,G., Castello,G., Stasio, D.M., Costantini.S., CytReD: A database collecting human cytokinome information (2011) Bioinformation 6 (5) p. 207-208
  2. Sharma A, Gautam VK, Costantini S, Paladino A and Colonna G (2012). Interactomic and pharmacological insights on human Sirt-1. Front. Pharmacol. 3:40. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2012.00040)

Book Chapter

  1. Costantini,S., Sharma. A., Colonna ,G., The Value of the cytokinome Profile Inflammatory Diseases - A Modern Perspective ISBN 978-953-307-444-3. edited by: Amit Nagal


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